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From Ryan Singer, Head of Product Strategy at Basecamp

I wanted something better than Twitter to share what I’m working on and to get feedback from my peers. So I started this email newsletter.

This newsletter is for you if you want to follow my work or you’re interested in:
  • Leading small, cross-functional software teams to realize a vision
  • “Shaping” and designing solutions at the right level of abstraction
  • Demand-side research, cause and effect, and using timelines to understand what matters and when does it matter
  • New experiments applying Christopher Alexander’s ideas to today’s design problems
  • Interdependency, orthogonality, and risk
  • Screenshots from behind the scenes and previews of stuff I’m working on
I’m not writing essays, how-tos, or long form articles on this list. The newsletter will be mostly short reflections based on whatever I’m working on or learning about. Like a Twitter feed but with more context.

Newsletters will go out no more than once a week, and probably less often than that depending on what’s going on. There’s no schedule.

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